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Twilight's Son

Written By: Erin Sinclair
Published by: Devine Destinies
ISBN #:978-1-55487-125-4
Series: Fallen Angel # 1
Word Count:70197
Page Count: 329
Heat Level:
Price: $5.99
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, Hiebook, HTML, Mobipocket, Rocket, Epub, Sony PDF, Sony LRF

    Brie’s toes curled as she stretched, then hunkered down under the inviting sheets of her bed and closed her eyes. She could not release the image of Shade and her mind gave way to espresso rich imaginings, hot and fresh, roasting her as they enveloped each other and lay down in soft white sand. His exquisite hands traveled her nude form inch by daring inch, across her thighs, over her warm skin. Tanned fingers traced the bone of her pelvis, nipping teeth followed. She gasped. Seeking lips nibbled her Venus mound focusing on her pulsing need, suckling her. His tongue danced along her nerves, fire turned to starlight, then brilliant sun, which beat down on her alabaster torso. Perspiration drenched her and him, the Amazon flowing from every pore, the Nile pouring between her thighs. She cried out his name as the wave crashed and rolled, forced her awake.
    Brie bolted upright, gasping as the final throes of an incredible orgasm drifted away leaving her startled, sated, wanting more. Her heart slowed its ragged pounding and she realized her bedclothes were gone, crumpled lumps on the floor by the bed. She touched the moist remains of sweat and sexual aftermath drenching her sheets.
     What am I going to do? Sinking her head in her hands, the length of her hair covered her face, providing her shelter.
    Her obsession with the beautiful stranger, whom she somehow knew without knowing, escaped the boundaries she wanted to establish. She was out of sorts, undone by her longing for him. There was no choice but to make a concerted effort to stay away from him for a while, to shut down her senses until she could maintain a modicum of decorum when near him. If she did not she would wind up making a complete idiot of herself.
    Sleep demanded her return and she moved away from the damp side of the bed. The rumpled flat sheet cascaded to the floor. Too hot to put her pajamas on she lay back, fell asleep and barely awakened in time to get ready for work.

    Loving an angel can be deadly!
    First class homicide investigator, Lieutenant Detective Brie Carter, is falling in love with an angel. Brie is the former heavenly companion of Ezekiel, Angel of Earth, guardian to human beings. She chooses to serve humanity by returning to the physical world as a police officer in Denver, Colorado, while Ezekiel stays angelic. When he realizes he does not want to exist without her, he descends and becomes human, now calling himself Shade, as he is only a shadow of his former self. The love Shade holds for his beautiful counterpart is potentially endangering her mortal life when his choice to become human does not sit well with Uriel, the Archangel of Judgment, who believes their union to be an abomination. The Archangel descends to Earth to stop the lovers at all costs, even if it means Brie’s demise. Both angels soon learn, to become human has very powerful consequences, not only for those they become involved with, but for them. Will Shade and Brie’s love for one another withstand the pressures of human existence? Will they be able to resist the implacable Archangel of Judgment while guided by the greatest reward humanity has ever received - the gift of free will?

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