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The Fate of Destiny

Written By: Shannon Rouchelle
Published by: Devine Destinies
ISBN #:978-1-77111-672-5
Word Count:57780
Page Count: 231
Heat Level:
Price: $5.99
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, Hiebook, HTML, Mobipocket, Rocket, Epub, Sony PDF, Sony LRF

    It was dark by the time she reached the rickety old bridge. Even in the gloom, it didn’t appear threatening. Destiny stopped short, not certain whether to tread with caution or wait until morning. She looked back into the night. Nobody followed. Chase had probably left long ago, his mission unsuccessful.

    She was hungry and tired. Destiny searched in the dark for a place to sleep. She found an old log covered in moss and foliage. That would have to do. She leaned her body against the softness of the shrubbery, eager to close her eyes. A light glimmered toward the sky and radiated before her. Destiny bolted upright and followed the eerie glow.

    She leaned over to try and find the source of this light. Out of the darkness, she spotted it. Twenty feet below in the water’s murky depths, a green light shone to the surface. What created such a spectacular sight? The palm of her hand throbbed. She placed her sweaty hand on the rail of the bridge and took a hard swallow. With an unsteady foot, she placed her weight onto the bridge.  First step: nothing happened. She gulped and took another step, and then another. Her palm continued to throb.

    Destiny was partway across the bridge, and held tight to the rail. The water thrashed down below. She leaned over the rail to catch a glimpse. A slithering mass of crocodiles lurked on the surface of the water. Their mouths gaped open. Destiny told herself not to look down, and dared to take another step. Each one took her closer to the embankment on the other side of the bridge.

    Out of the darkness, she heard a crackle. It sounded close. She turned, but saw nothing. She took another step and heard it again. Too close! Destiny ran as fast as she could. The bridge cracked along the way. She saw the embankment loom closer; a few more steps and she would be safe. Her palm throbbed even more, and the pain intensified. She had to release the rail. As her hand let go, a plank beneath her feet broke apart. Destiny screamed and plummeted into the cold, dark water. The hungry crocodiles waited anxiously.

    Destiny hit the water hard. The water was dark and murky with only the green radiance to lead the way. Mesmerized by the shiny light, she knew she had to reach it. The light drew her in. Destiny swam quickly, aware of the hungry crocodiles close by. The monsters closed in, baring their razor-sharp teeth. She had to reach the light; it would save her.

    One hideous beast opened its jaws wide and caught her foot in its hungry mouth. Its teeth snagged her flesh. The pain in her leg surged. Destiny had to focus, the light was within her grasp; a few more strokes and she would be upon it. Destiny reached out her hand. The pain was excruciating. Then it happened; she touched the light. A jolt she had never felt before shot through her. The water bubbled like a sizzling hot cauldron.

    Every underwater creature within a mile radius shot up through the air, fell back, and floated dead on the surface. The crocodile let go of its grip and spun lifeless to the top.

    Destiny reached into the heart of the light and picked up a shiny green rock.

    Her hand burned more than ever. A vision of her mother appeared and called her name. It was comforting and peaceful. Suddenly the vision vanished, and another one appeared, darker and foreboding. Black faceless beings drew nearer. She felt drained and helpless, bobbing on the water’s flow, certain she would die. Her eyes closed tight.

    Out of the darkness, she felt another presence pull her in. It wrapped her body in blankets and spoke softly into her ear. She heard the voice from somewhere far away, and then she heard no more.


    The fate of destiny hangs in the balance.

    Destiny Blake discovers as a young woman that she is destined to complete a quest and save the world from the ruthless hands of an evil ruler. She escapes her meager existence and travels through the desolate prairie in search of answers. On her travels, she meets a handsome young warrior who is destined to protect and accompany her. But their journey is not easy. Danger and deceit lurk along the path. Can their newfound love withstand the ultimate test?

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