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The Captain's Wench

Written By: Patti Shenberger
Published by: Devine Destinies
ISBN #:978-1-55487-064-6
Word Count:27000
Page Count: 122
Heat Level:
Price: $4.99
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, Hiebook, HTML, Mobipocket, Rocket, Epub,

    “Wow. Very impressive.” The granite statue felt warm and almost lifelike beneath her touch as she caressed the contours of the piece. A tingling sensation started at her fingertips and worked its way up her arm. The feeling continued as though someone were running their hands over Meg’s body, touching her everywhere. She backed away, but continued to stare at the statue. The broad forehead and high cheekbones of the statue gave way to a square, determined jaw. Obviously, a man accustomed to getting his own way. But it was the eyes that drew her attention. Although carved from stone, Meg had the distinct impression that they seemed to follow her movements about the room.

    “That’s Captain London.” A voice behind her softly intoned.

    Meg jumped and whirled around. Mrs. Boone stood just inside the front door, peeking nervously around the corner. “Captain London?”

    Mrs. Boone nodded. “He owned the house back in the 1800’s. He had it built for when he retired from the sea, but alas never returned from the sea to live here. His ship went down in a terrible storm, and now he walks the corridors of Heron House. It’s in the will that the statue must remain in the house, passing from buyer to buyer.”

    “Really, I wonder why?” With a last lingering look at the statue, Meg shook her head. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Boone, but surely even you must know there’s no such thing as ghosts. Simply one’s overactive imagination at work. Now, where can we sign the papers? I’d like to get settled.”

    Romance author Meg Carroll has a problem. Her new home is haunted by an extremely sexy ghost who refuses to pass on. One who makes her think indecent thoughts about what being with this man would be like. Come along for the wild ride and see for yourself as Alex and Meg blur the lines between real and fantasy.

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