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The Apocalypse Crystal

Written By: Alexander Dregon
Published by: Devine Destinies
ISBN #:978-1-55487-645-7
Word Count:50000
Page Count: 209
Heat Level:
Price: $4.99
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, Hiebook, HTML, Mobipocket, Rocket, Epub, Sony PDF, Sony LRF

    Once inside, he ordered them to the side away from the window and shouted, “Baler, you son of a bitch! I go to the john and you think you can slip in that quick!” While Baler and Simone looked at him incredulously, he pulled one of the tanks out of its berth under the bench.

    Catching on, Baler shouted, “Aw man! She won’t break! Besides I thought you could use the help.”

    Simone was insulted enough to slap him, even though she realized it was an act. Then she did, just to lend credence to his performance.

    After a few seconds, Price kicked a trashcan over and shouted, “Look out you damn fool!” Motioning for them to follow as he turned to run, he fired his MPP into the tank. It ruptured at once sending fumes throughout the lab. As they left, he returned the grinder to its former position and left it again grinding on the table, throwing sparks out in an arc that encompassed most of the room.

    From outside, Reyes listened intently, silently cursing whatever was slowing down the muscle he had called for. He had no intention of going in alone against Price because he knew his reputation. He’d sent a signal right after he’d heard the first mention of Dashon crystals, but he didn’t mention them, deciding to keep that detail to himself. No one had showed yet.

    He’d started to send a second signal just before they had started this little dust up and was about to go ahead when the windows of the lab on the third floor blew out in a fireball. As he dove for cover behind the tree, shards of glass rained down and stabbed at the ground. Several shards found their way into his leg and he screamed from the pain. A second explosion sent still more shards flying as the tank left under the bench went off from the heat and shattered everything that had survived the first blast by virtue of being in the cabinet above it.

    Reyes could hear the wail of disaster crew vehicles and thought about ditching his listening gear. It wouldn’t do to get caught with it. But he decided to risk it. He did cut the feed so there was no way to trace it to where it had been connected. Not that there was anything there to connect to anymore.

    He cursed his luck. Now, not only did he lose the only lead they had to this mysterious asteroid, he was sure he would end up in front of Kelen Roaert to explain how. His leg throbbed in time with his heartbeat, which was rapidly increasing at the thought.


    In the back of the building, Price and his charges had made their way again down the back stairs. This time they had not slowed and with the cover of the explosions, they were sure that their escape had gone unnoticed. Once in the garage, Price immediately looked around at the vehicles parked there.

    Deciding on a rather worn looking cargo transport, he shattered the window with the butt of his gun and scrambled inside. As they crouched in the shadows beneath the door, Baler spoke up.

    “You can’t steal a truck! We’ll have your people on us before we get a block away!”

    Price almost smiled. Would have if he hadn’t been holding the flashlight in his teeth. Finished, he snatched it out as he whispered fiercely, “Get in!”

    Adam Colton is a bond agent on the tiny outpost of Rifos, sending escapees from the inner planets back to face justice. At least he has been since his ship was damaged in a storm and he was marooned on the little world. Soon though, he thinks he 'll have enough to pay for the repairs on his ship and get back to prospecting, which he loves even though he knows he'll never get rich at it.
    At least that's what he tells himself.

    The real reason he wants to leave is a failed relationship with the outpost's premier gemologist, Simone Jennifer.

    Angered at her memory and tortured by the secret he keeps that drove him into space from his home world of Tau Ceti Ultra, he plans to return to his former life as soon as possible, vowing to forget both "Moni" and Rifos.

    But a clandestine call from the woman draws him back like a moth to a flame and he quickly finds himself at odds not only with Kelen Roaert, the richest and allegedly most powerful man in the Galaxy, but with his former mentor and friend, Aldon Rosin, leader of the most elite military group on his home world, known as the Ultras.

    Now he finds himself caught in a power play, alone save for Moni, the local sheriff, Logan Price and a fellow prospector named Tim Baler. Together the four of them try to outwit the organization of the man dubbed the Crystal Commissar, only to find out that like most things, nothing is quite what it seems...

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