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Shifting Targets

Written By: Austina Love
Published by: Devine Destinies
ISBN #:978-1-77111-453-0
Series: Sweet Hitchhiker # 3
Word Count:18836
Page Count: 83
Heat Level:
Price: $3.99
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, Hiebook, HTML, Mobipocket, Rocket, Epub, Sony PDF, Sony LRF

     “This is as close to home as I can give you for now,” Trip said, taking her hand after they’d parked and dismounted. “Don’t mind Remle, he’s rather eccentric but harmless…unless you’re a cop.”

    “Did he not like your brother then?” Shye surveyed their immediate surroundings. A rickety looking wood cabin sat in a cluster of huge pines. Vines wound their way up the sides and onto the shingled roof. They stood in the moonlight taking a look around. “Are you sure he’s home?”

    “Yeah, he’s around here somewhere. Ty was the only cop Remle liked because Ty didn’t mess in his business.”

    “What business is that?” She peered through the dark at a shoddy picnic table plunked beside an outdoor fireplace. Both appeared handmade and rustic.

    “Well…” Trip laughed. “He makes moonshine and corn whiskey but never bothered with a license. Times are tough for a lot of folks around here. They do what they can to survive.”

    “I see.” After another glance around she still didn’t notice anything suspicious.

    “You won’t find it.” He draped an arm over her shoulders.

    “Find what?”

    He slanted her a knowing look and grinned. “Little miss innocent, like you weren’t looking for his still.”

    “Just curious.”

    “I know. It’s part of your nature to check everything out.”

    She shrugged with a smile. “So where is your friend? Is he sleeping?”

    “Not tonight.” Trip pointed toward the sky. “Look at that moon. A perfect night for working outside. We can go inside. Remle will stagger in around dawn.”

    “Stagger, huh? No wonder he’s poor if he’s drinking the profit.”

    “At least he tastes the product to make sure it’s good.” Trip gave her a wink.

    Shye assumed they’d be holding up in primitive conditions until they walked inside. The cabin’s interior was a pleasant surprise considering the outside appearance. “Wow…he must be doing okay.”

    Trip walked into a small kitchen and retrieved two cans of soda from a full sized refrigerator, then grabbed a bag of chips from a bar. “You must be hungry and thirsty.”

    “Thank you, I am.” She accepted the drink and plopped onto a black leather sofa. “This is really nice. I had no idea the moonshine business could be so profitable.” Her gaze moved around the area. White paneled walls spanned each room. From her viewpoint there appeared to be two bedrooms and a full bath. Bath! Oh would I love a good shower. “Do you think he’d mind if I cleaned up?”

    “Nah, he’s very hospitable. You go ahead, I’ll grab our gear from the bike.” He placed a quick kiss on her lips before heading outside. “Don’t worry, you’re safe here.”

    After chugging her soda, she meandered into the bathroom. Much to her delight, she found it spacious and immaculate with a full tub and tiled shower. A three-door mirrored cabinet was mounted to the wall above a round marble sink. Even the plumbing fixtures looked modern and well kept. She opened a narrow door beside the sink to find a linen closet fully stocked with towels and toiletries. The man had enough supplies to make her wonder if he entertained frequently.

    After helping herself to what she needed, Shye turned the water on and stepped in. Weeds and grime washed down the drain as she enjoyed a nice, long soapy shower. By the time she finished, Trip had returned and left her bag on the floor. She appreciated how he respected her space and her modesty. He was a gentleman through and through.

    “It took all my self-restraint to not jump in there with you,” he purred when she reentered the living area. “Mm…you look and smell amazing,” he added when she slid into his arms. “Let me grab a shower then we can eat.” He gave her a slow once over. “Nice pants…they’re hot on you.”

    Her gaze followed him as he found his bag and rooted through it for fresh clothes. He peeled the black t-shirt off then unbuttoned his jeans and removed his boots and socks. She inwardly gasped at his sex appeal. Wandering around the cabin half-dressed in bare feet with his fly undone, he sparked her already mounting desire. The hour ride in the dark cuddled behind him had stirred the ache in her soul. She always became aroused when riding with him. Something about the openness and his animal magnetism just made her burn.

    “If you’re trying to tease me, there’s no need,” she said low and soft. “I was ready before we got here.”

    He turned his head sharply, as if shocked by her bold statement. Their eyes met and locked. She caught the fire in the smoldering depths of his intense stare and for a moment thought he’d skip the shower and ravish her. Flutters filled her stomach as he moved toward her without breaking eye contact. Her body trembled when his tanned muscled arms scooped her right off her feet in one smooth move. He stared down at her.

    “How hungry are you?” he asked in a throaty growl.

    “Food can wait.” She gasped at his feral approach. Her hands slid over his hard chest then up into his silky hair before her arms curled around his neck. “Our swim and dessert got interrupted back at your cabin.”

    “Yeah…” He murmured. “And your sweetness is what I’ve been craving for dessert.”

    Her eyes watered beneath his sensual sway. He was without a doubt the most naturally seductive man she’d ever met. With one arm supporting her weight, he used his free hand to unzip her corset-style top then undid the fly to her low-rise pants.

    “You know what I want, don’t ya, angel?” He lowered his head and brushed his lips over her bare midriff.

    “Mm-hm…” She closed her eyes and let her head fall back. Just the thought of what he was about to do sent a delightful tingle through her body. Intense throbbing welled in her core. She gasped as his lips moved lower. “If you keep teasing me…”

    “No, I’m not going to tease you.” He gently positioned her backside on the sink while his eyes took her in with sheer hunger. “You stay perched there looking gorgeous while I peel these painted-on pants off your long sexy legs…then your agony will be relieved.”

    With both hands braced on the sink ledge, she leaned back and completely surrendered to this undeniable man. Whatever he wanted she would eagerly give.


    “The second shower was better than the first,” she said between ragged breaths as they lay on several bath towels spread on the bathroom floor.

    “Hell yeah…you’re awesome.” He buried his face against her neck, panting for breath. “Dessert is always better beforehand.”

    She let out a light laugh. “You’re right. I’m usually too full for dessert. I love the way you think.”

    “Mm…” He rolled onto his side and gazed down at her. “But with you, dessert is my appetizer because I can never get enough of your wild love.”

    A pleasurable shiver raced over her. Everything in her world felt right in his arms. They lay in each other’s arms exchanging tender kisses and affectionate caresses for a long time.

    “I’ve never seen this on you before.” She gently lifted the string of beads lying against his chest. “Does the neckpiece have meaning?”

    He laid one hand over hers. “They are prayer beads…they were Ty’s.”

    Her eyes searched his for a few intense moments. “Then they have great significance. To wear anything spiritual from a loved one is great medicine in our family. Were they in the box he left to you?”

    Trip shook his head slightly. “His wife wanted me to have them. She prayed a special blessing over them before we said goodbye.”

    Shye traced the cross-shaped wooden pendant. “Ty’s spirit rides with you. “

    He studied her with open curiosity. “Are you sure?”

    “Yes. He will not rest until his death is avenged…but then again, neither will you.”

    “You continue to amaze me, babe.” He placed a deeply affectionate kiss on her lips.

    They were about to indulge in more hot kisses when she heard the front door open.

    “Sounds like your friend is home.”

    “Yeah.” Trip sighed with a hazy expression in those decadently dark eyes. “I could stay here with you forever like this.” With open reluctance, he pushed to his feet then pulled her up.

    They took their time dressing. While she stood in the mirror brushing out her hair and checking her appearance, he came up behind her. Gently he took the brush from her hand and began to lovingly brush it. She watched in fascination as his large hands stroked the long black strands then raked it with the brush. His eyes met hers in the mirror as he lavished this new kind of affection over her.

    Sweeping her tresses to one side, he lowered his head and let his lips trail along her neck, leaving a moist trail of satin kisses from her chin to the nape. She couldn’t resist reaching back with one hand to slide her fingers into his hair and lay her head against his shoulder. Bare to the waist, he looked and felt awesome. She never wanted this moment to end but knew they had a fight ahead of them.

    Until she cleared her name and proved Carter’s guilt or somehow figured out how to ruin him, she and Trip would be renegades.

    “C’mon, angel, let’s go say hello.” His softly parted lips feathered her cheek before setting the brush down and taking her hand.

    Walking hand-in-hand, they wandered into the living area where his friend sat in a recliner chair watching satellite TV. Tall, thin and considerably older than them with a long blond ponytail tied behind his head—he looked up with striking blue eyes.

    “Hey, Viper, I thought that was your bike parked out back. What brings you way up here to my private palace?”

    “Shye, this is Dax,” he said, then reached out and clasped hands with the man in friendly greeting.

    “Dax?” She raised a brow at Trip.

    “Dax Remle.”

    “Nobody calls me Dax,” the man said with a grin. “Not if you want me to answer. My friends call me Remle.”

    “Nice to meet you.” Shye offered him a cordial smile.

    You can chase a shadow but you can never catch it—especially if it’s chasing you!


    Trapped deep in the woods of South Dakota, Shye must find a way to escape the posse chasing her. She employs her gift as a shifter in a new way that takes Trip off guard, causing him to wreck his bike. With the help of an old friend, the two lovers wreak havoc on a small town while shifting the eyes of the law in the right direction.

    Thinking the worst is over—she rides into town seeking to regain ownership of her family’s farm. What she uncovers is more shocking than anything she imagined. Will she make the ultimate sacrifice to right a wrong committed against her people? Or will Trip convince her that he has a better way?

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