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Secrets, Lies and Legacies of Kelen's Moon

Written By: Alexander Dregon
Published by: Devine Destinies
ISBN #:978-1-55487-687-7
Word Count:73750
Page Count: 295
Heat Level:
Price: $5.99
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, Hiebook, HTML, Mobipocket, Rocket, Epub, Sony PDF, Sony LRF

    Caught unawares by the fury of the onslaught, the formation broke and scattered, whirling around to try and regroup for another attack. But Holt had no intention of giving them time to finish whatever maneuver they had planned. "Price, magnetize your hull, then lock onto the underside of my ship! We're getting the hell out of here! Now!"
    Without a word Price activated the magnetic clamps and rolled the ship to slam the plates together. But not before he fired a full spread of missiles at their attackers. He hadn't bothered to use his particle beams as their power level and range made them less than effective against what he presumed would be full combat armor, but the missiles were powerful enough to do some damage to the ships. And failing that, they did set up enough interference to give them a few more seconds to complete the maneuver.
    Price shouted over the Comm, "I'm in place. Controls neutral. You can go at your option!"
    Price noted himself falling into old habits as he reverted to the jargon of his days in D-force. He found himself enjoying it despite the situation.
    Thanks to the inertial dampeners, Baler, Amnical, Rosin, and Simone sat strapped in while Price performed the last move, nearly oblivious to the twists and turns the ship was going through. Simone, still trying to find more about the infection, was ignoring the buffeting, while Baler watched a sensor screen, searching for the carrier he knew was out there somewhere, with another wave of fighters just waiting for the chance to release them. Why they hadn't yet was beyond him, but he didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth.
    On the bridge of the Nightwolf, Colton walked onto it with Kelen one step behind. The area of the bridge was large enough to accommodate them as well as the normal crew without crowding, but Colton still hung back on the side to stay out of the way.
    Holt acknowledged their entrance with a curt nod, before returning his attention to the battle outside.
    "Can you see anything else out there? There has to be a carrier some place!"
    "If it is, it's laying to outside of sensor range. Either that or they've got some new kind of stealth tech! Either way, I got nothing sir!" the Ensign on sensor monitoring said, afraid he was failing in some way and trying his best to make up for it.
    "Price, keep scanning for that thing! I know it's out there somewhere! It has to be! Those things couldn't have made it through Earth space without being challenged."
    "We already came to that conclusion," Kelen said, leaning over to almost whisper into Holt's ear. "But there was another reason. They use charged ships rather than any type of reactor. Once they go down, they need..." Kelen had a thought suddenly. "They need to be recharged! That could explain why they haven't sent a second wave yet. They don't have enough recharged yet! It was only a few hours ago that they sent the attack against the plant. That could be your chance Captain. Take these out and we've got a chance."
    "You heard him, guys. Take these out and we can live through this!"
    A chorus went up of "aye sir" and "yeah" on both the bridge and throughout the ship via an open Comm. The crew of the Nightwolf prided itself on being as tough as need be, and in this, one of the few real chances they'd had to show what they could do, they were not about to turn in anything less than a stellar performance.
    Kelen wasn't finished yet though. "I'd say our best bet is to head for the inner sectors. You can use one of your shuttles to make contact once we get close enough to get a real time signal so we won't spread the contamination any further. Then we can..."
    "Kelen you might be the best businessman in the universe, but your strategy reeks!" The voice belonged to Baler.

    Trapped in a volcano on Kelen's moon, Adam Colton and the others on the transport they escaped in try to figure out who attacked them and why. With Kelen's plant destroyed and his Dashon infected by a virus he can't cure, it becomes all too clear that both they and Earth are in a dangerous position if the theories they keep hearing are true. Worse still, when the D-force ship Zulu Alpha accidentally triggers  the virus in wave form, that position becomes even more untenable. Their only chance to stop what they believe is coming, is to save the only known Dashon left in the Galaxy. The location of which is only known to their shipmate Tim Baler. Yet despite their situation and Kelen's seemingly good intentions, Baler holds onto his distrust, as well as his dislike, for Kelen. So the question of everyone's survival becomes, can they learn to trust each other in time?

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