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Plight of the Princess

Written By: Shannon Rouchelle
Published by: Devine Destinies
ISBN #:978-1-77111-282-6
Word Count:42801
Page Count: 137
Heat Level:
Price: $4.99
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, Hiebook, HTML, Mobipocket, Rocket, Epub, Sony PDF, Sony LRF

    Through the clearing haze, Cassandra saw a looming beast. It stood within reach of her. As she inched closer, the locust waited to attack. In the distance, she heard the clashing of swords and knew a battle raged. She prayed that Keidon made it out of the desert alive. She swallowed nervously and held the sword out for protection. She had never seen anything this ugly before. The large yellow eyes studied her every move. Cassandra got into battle position and waited for the right opportunity to slay the creature. Without warning, the locust spread its long green wings and jumped.

    Cassandra was caught off guard. Her sword fell from her hand and landed in the sand nearby. She screamed in fright as the beast trampled its weight on her. The locust had Cassandra pinned onto her back and used its mouth to nip at her. The sharp legs pierced through the material of her dress. It easily dominated its prey and sank its teeth into her neck.

    Cassandra cried out in pain. Through her agony, she glanced over and noticed the handle of the sword within her reach. She strained to move closer. Unable to breathe properly, she felt as if she would suffocate. “The baby,” she gasped. Then without warning, the locust repositioned its body.

    Cassandra quickly scurried over in the sand and grabbed the sword. With the blade held high, she plunged the sharp edge into its head. The locust retreated momentarily and let out a high-pitched squeal. Cassandra managed to sit upright and with careful aim threw the weapon directly at the beast. Her eyes widened in fright as it fell over in agony. A green slime oozed from the gash. She managed to rise to her feet and stagger over to the wounded creature. Clenching her teeth, she pulled the sword free and stabbed it again. When she was sure the enemy was dead, she wiped the tip of the blade clean and continued on her journey.

    With the sandstorm diminished, Cassandra saw clearly the devastation the locusts had caused. Several soldiers lay dead along the path. As she neared the invisible sanctuary, she caught a glimpse of a battle still clearly in progress. Whisking her sword outward, she jogged along the ruins toward the war zone. From the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of Mark Stye battling two locusts. He was truly losing the battle. The insects eyed him hungrily from either side.

    The doctor glanced between the two, his stance ready for the unexpected. When Mark noticed her, he yelled something inaudible.

    Cassandra approached and assisted him.

    “What the hell are you doing here?” he shouted.

    Cassandra didn’t have a chance to respond. She took a couple of stabs at the nearest locust, injuring its front leg. While the one locust focused its attention on Mark, she managed to dodge the oncoming pincers of the other. “Where is Keidon?”

    Mark swung his weapon at a beast and caused fluid to leak from the wound. “I don’t know. I haven’t seen him,” he panted. “I think they’re further ahead.”

    “You have to ask for help,” she cried. “The invisible wall is right behind us. Call Tara. Tell her you’ll marry her. Do it quickly, or we’ll die.”

    “I feel her close to the wall,” Mark replied. “I know she’s waiting.”

    “Then do it.”

    The doctor avoided another near hit and ducked as a sharp leg swung at him. “I need to press my hand against the wall. It’s the only way to connect with her.”

    “I’ll hold them off,” Cassandra gasped. “Hurry, I’m running out of energy.”

    Mark nodded in agreement and moved the fight toward the invisible wall. He waited until he was pressed up against it and then fell to his knees. He pleaded in a loud voice with his hands against the barrier. “Please, Tara. I’ll marry you. I beg you to make this stop.”

    Cassandra heard his cry. She struck one of the locusts with her blade, keeping it out of Mark’s reach. The other locust drew near and assisted its ally in the attack. They had her cornered, ready to strike. “I can’t hold them off.”

    Mark raised his voice. “I’ll do anything for you. Please, spare us.”

    Cassandra suddenly fell to the ground. The two locusts had jumped at the same time and struck her with their pincers. She cried out in pain. Unable to lift her blade in defense, she watched helplessly as the enemy tore through her tender flesh. I’m going to die. She closed her eyes in defeat. The last thing she heard before the world disappeared from sight was Mark pleading for their lives.

    Love has a price.


    When Princess Cassandra Wellington and her warrior companion, Keidon Roke, fail to complete their quest, the two embark on a dangerous adventure to destroy the evil Delmirths and reclaim the Ruby Idol. Their travels take them across harsh desert lands and into the wilds. As they join forces to protect the freedom of their people, things take a turn for the worst.

    Keidon Roke has a terrible secret from his past that threatens his relationship with Cassandra. She soon learns of his deceit and must come to terms with the truth. Can a tangled web of lies keep them together, or will it tear them apart and destroy their future?

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