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Not Wonder More

Written By: Rod Raglin
Published by: Devine Destinies
ISBN #:978-1-55487-727-0
Word Count:61000
Page Count: 244
Heat Level:
Categories: Paranormal Romance
Price: $5.99
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, Hiebook, HTML, Mobipocket, Rocket, Epub, Sony PDF, Sony LRF

    "Dieter, wake up. It's time."
    The long journey up from unconsciousness seemed to take forever. Was he fully awake? He couldn't tell. His brain seemed slow to respond, unwilling to deal with reality.
    "Dieter, get up."
    An unearthly glow back-lit a mass of curls. "Maggie?"
    "It's me." She helped him into a sitting position.
    "What's happening? I feel strange." There was light but it didn't seem to have a source. Like twilight or predawn but different. "Is it morning already?"
    "Not quite, my dear." Maggie took him by the hand and led him outside. The grove glowed with a ghostly luminosity casting everything in high definition. The huge trees crowded the clearing, waiting, anticipating. She wore a simple white dress, a garland of green in her hair. Her face was radiant, her eyes opaque and charged with flecks of indigo. An aura exuded from her being.
    "You look like a goddess."
    "Come." Maggie glided across the clearing to the natural altar in the hollow of the massive trunk of the Western Red Cedar.
    Steady and soft, the source of the light emanated from the interior of the tree without heat or shadow. Dieter found himself drawn to the light, like iron filings to a magnet. He had no will of his own. This is a dream, he thought, but had no desire to wake up.
    Maggie painted a symbol on his chest. He didn't remember taking his shirt off. She pressed her cheek against his flesh and smiled up at him. She spoke now, but not to him.
    "We ask for your blessings, your guidance, your inspiration, your healing power… Awen."
    Dieter heard, then felt a droning, pleasant and soothing.
    “…time and of the year, of seasons and goodness, of birth and growing, of dying and rebirth…" Maggie sprinkled water from a cup on his head.
    The droning grew, intensified.
    Maggie lifted a clay pot of fragrant herbs beneath his nose. The aroma evoked some ancient memory, indistinct yet familiar. She continued speaking with a lilt and a rhythm as if reciting a psalm "…in the eye of the Sun here and now, between past and future. In this is sacred time. In this is sacred space. Awen. Ahh-oo-en."
    The droning became a harmonious swelling chord all around him and, yes, even inside him.
    "…the longest day of the year, at this Place of Light, to witness the zenith of the Sun, to harness the power of the Solstice."
    Simultaneously the light and the sound began to pulse in rhythm to his breathing, to his heartbeat. Outlines became diffused and images blurred. Dieter had the sensation of his own body disintegrating, merging with the trees, the earth, the air, until it was all one, all one liberating life force.
    An overwhelming feeling of wellbeing enveloped him. He felt purified, cleansed - physically as well as spiritually. A wonderful peace accompanied an intimate feeling of understanding, of belonging, of being connected. I'm dying, he thought, but felt no fear. Instead he embraced the mystery as consciousness eluded him.

    Maggie talks to trees. Dieter talks to corporations. Maggie embraces mystery and flirts with magic. Dieter adheres to logic and the doctrine of Nietzsche. Dieter's client wants to destroy the trees. The trees want Maggie to protect them. Dieter has terminal cancer. Maggie is schizophrenic. Maggie says she can save him, if he'll save the trees. Dieter thinks she's crazy, but what choice does he have? A week together alone on Deadman's Island changes everything for both of them. Is it madness? Is it magic? Or is it love?

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