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Guardians of Infinity

Written By: Alexander Dregon
Published by: Devine Destinies
ISBN #:978-1-77111-405-9
Word Count:28821
Page Count: 124
Heat Level:
Price: $4.99
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, Hiebook, HTML, Mobipocket, Rocket, Epub, Sony PDF, Sony LRF

    The same flashes I had seen in the truck were still going on, but now I could see what they were. Different colored balls of energy would pop in from nowhere, then fade out after a second. Red, green, gold and every color in between that you could think of, they looked like giant sparks from a welder’s torch, and individually, they lived about as long. For a minute I thought it was some weird Christmas display some yokel had set up in the middle of the field. It only took a minute to realize I should be so lucky.

    Far worse than that was what I saw in the middle of that mini storm.

    I had to blink a half dozen times to get them in focus, but when I did, it really didn’t help. I was sure that either I was losing the best part of my mind, or I hadn’t bothered to wake up.

    In the middle of the flashing lights were two figures. I could only see them intermittently when one of the balls lit them up, but what I could see was enough to make me raise the magnum.

    One was easily eight feet tall. The other was a more normal height. The other thing that was easy to see was they were both trying real hard to kill the other.

    The larger swung an arm like a telephone pole at the smaller one, who dodged it and leaped in the air to kick the big one in the face. I woulda sworn on a stack that it wouldn’t bother the big guy, but it staggered him back a couple of steps. The little one barely landed before he was in the air again with another kick. This time, the huge arm connected with the shoulder.

    It was easy to see he was trying to disable the big guy one piece at a time, and he knew how, too. The kick connected and the arm dropped like it was dead. Except the dead don’t feel and the way this thing was roaring—it must’ve hurt like hell! Whatever was going on, the big guy was getting the worst of it.

    About that time, I realized two things. One…neither of these two was from around here, or anyplace else that I knew of. And two…I had no idea why they were fighting or who I should be hoping wins.

    Now, I always believed in fate. Not so much because it was a good thing, but rather, the opposite. All the bad things that happened to you were pre-ordained and laying for you in their appropriate place on the road of life just waiting for you to reach them. There were good things, too, but they were off to the side somewhere and you usually had to make detours to get to them, but they were waiting for you as well. You just had to know when to step off the path and hunt them down.

    Given that philosophy, the next thing that happened made me wonder which this was. As I watched, the smaller fighter landed another pair of blows that staggered his larger opponent once again. His landing, this time, did not serve him as well. Either he found a soft spot in the field, or a rabbit hole, but he suddenly sank to one knee grasping at his foot. The larger one, sensing an advantage finally, raised his good arm high above his head.

    It wasn’t hard to guess his plan, and despite the skill he had shown, I just didn’t think the little guy was gonna get up if that arm hit him flush.

    In that moment, I made a decision. Right or wrong, I wanted the little guy to win. If the big guy had just grabbed him or tried to reason with him, maybe I’d have gone the other way, but I was raised to believe if you smash a guy when he’s down, that made you a bad guy, regardless.

    Now, I been wrong before, but this time didn’t have that feel to it. I aimed the magnum and shot the big guy in the raised arm.

    For those of you unfamiliar with guns or at least with the .357 magnum, let me tell you this is a vicious gun. They tell you that a gun won’t knock a man down, but I’m here to tell you it will. And what the bullet might not do, the fall can sometimes. The entry hole isn’t much, but with the hollow points I like to use, when the bullet leaves, it might take an organ or two with it.

    I could’ve gone for the head shot. I’m pretty good with this thing, and given the size of the dome on that thing, it would have been hard to miss, but the truth was, I still wasn’t sure about who was who. I figured if I get them to stop fighting, somebody could explain.

    Turned out to be unnecessary. The bullet hit him in the arm all right. Right on the seam of what turned out to be armor and then bounced off. It did, however, draw his attention to me. He stared at me and for the first time in the minute or so since I walked up on this nightmare, I got a good look at the big one’s face. That alone told me that I made the right choice.

    Whatever this thing was, it wasn’t remotely related to anything human. The only description for his skin that came to mind was that of a catfish—smooth and slimy. There was nothing so benign about that mouth though. It was easily the worst case of overbite I had ever seen. Complete with two-inch teeth and a forked tongue that flicked out between them as it looked at me.

    Guarding infinity is like wrestling a ‘gator. You gotta watch both ends.

    That was what the thing was doing when Taylor found it. It was releasing the primary component. All he had to do then was wait. All this flashed through my mind in an instant. Cole had beaten me by several seconds, but Warden was already trying to isolate this new wrinkle and find a way to stop it. Given my nature and what I had seen already, I was ready to bet on him when the little bell began ringing its ass off in my head again. This time I knew why. I could see from the look on his face Taylor had just remembered the Striker team he had ordered dispatched to Earth! My Earth! They were on their way there to protect it, but what they were going to do was make it the opening salvo in the last of a war none of its inhabitants knew anything about. Given the effectiveness of this new bug, once they landed it could take as little as a few days for all life on my world to vanish. A fact not lost on any of the men with me at that moment, either. The difference was, unlike me, they knew what to do. At least I hoped so. Taylor started talking to the air again. “The teams I ordered to his Earth. How long—” Cole cut him off. He realized the depth of their error as well. “They launched three minutes after you gave the order! Given the mass of that ship they were flying, I doubt they’re there, yet, but they aren’t far from it in any case!” Taylor turned without a word. Cole followed and I fell in step behind them. Whatever was going on, I had made myself a part of it, and I wasn’t through just, yet. Warden shouted at our backs as we all headed down the hall. “They’ll make the final insertion in fifteen minutes! After that, it’ll be a thirty-minute flight to that Earth. That was it then. Forty-five minutes to doomsday!

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