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Give me Fever

Written By: Caitlin Ricci
Published by: Devine Destinies
ISBN #:978-1-4874-0051-4
Series: Nichols Sisters # 2
Word Count:43500
Page Count: 150
Heat Level:
Price: $4.99
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, Hiebook, HTML, Mobipocket, Rocket, Epub, Sony PDF, Sony LRF

    Juliet Nichols shimmied into the pale blue gown her sister, Ophelia, had picked out for her as her bridesmaid’s dress. Maid of Honor dress, maybe. Juliet frowned. What was her title when she was the only one standing with her sister?

    Not that it mattered, really. What was important was that her big sister, her best friend in the whole world, was getting married in just two short hours and Juliet had yet to get her dress on. With a little bit of maneuvering she managed to get the silk zipped and then stood in front of the antique full length mirror in the corner of the room.

    She loved the little bed and breakfast Ophelia and her soon-to-be husband, Leonardo, had chosen for their wedding. Ophelia said that was where they had been staying when they’d gone out on the whale watching tour and he had proposed to her almost six months before. To Juliet it seemed fitting that they would be married here, surrounded by their family and friends. It was nice. Intimate.

    She even wanted it for herself someday. Not the Alaska part—they could keep that. The beautiful frozen landscape was far too cold for her. She much preferred the heat and sun of her Colorado home. She was a native and would always find her home between those flat plains and high Rocky Mountains.

    She straightened the skirt, smoothing her hands over the fine material. Looking herself over in mirror she decided she would be keeping this dress. Absolutely. Her sister had excellent taste, sometimes. The dress was a beautiful 1940’s remake with the classic square neckline with black bows in the corners. It also had a black tie around the waist. And the final touch was bit of lace on the hem that fell just below her knees. It was elegant and beautiful. Classic without being snobby.

    Just like Ophelia was.

    The dress might have been her sister’s stroke of genius but the shoes though were all Juliet. They were black velvet peep-toe pumps. They would kill her feet after an hour of wear, but they were gorgeous and made her legs look amazing.

    Not that she was conceited or anything. She giggled.

    Juliet turned, checked herself one last time in the mirror, added a bit more lip gloss and then met Richie in the hallway. He was a good man, she thought as she took his arm. He was lean and wiry. And his hair was a shocking shade of bright red that matched his freckles. He was one of her sister’s closest friends, and although she had only met him a month earlier Juliet had already warmed to his easy charm and happy-go-lucky attitude.

    He was handsome in his simple black tux, but he was no match to Leonardo when she caught sight of him. Her sister’s husband, as she had taken to thinking of him, looked comfortable in his gorgeous black tux as so few men did. He gave her an easy smile and a little wave as he saw her before turning back to the conversation he was quietly having with her father.

    She was happy for their relationship as well. Leonardo was not hard to like, and her father was equally charming. Ophelia had lucked out with him and she was overjoyed for them both.

    “Where’s your boyfriend?” Richie asked her as he snagged a warm tea from a side table for her.

    She took the tea gratefully and drank deeply before answering him. Mm, Chamomile. Perfect. “He’s busy.” She almost snorted at herself. He’d been busy for at least a month now. Maybe more, though. She’d been so caught up in Ophelia’s wedding plans that she probably hadn’t noticed. Wasn’t that one of the reasons that they had broken up a few weeks before only to get back together a week later?

    “Too bad for him,” Richie said as he grabbed a stuffed mushroom. The dinner would come later, but the appetizers were out now. Ophelia was ever considerate of her guests.

    Juliet allowed him to lead her around for another half hour of snacking and introducing her to various people that Ophelia was close to but Juliet would probably never see again before the music began and her father started moving people toward their seats. She moved to the front of the small aisle, the warm sunrise filtering in through the windows around her, warming her skin even as the cold wind battered the panes. She grabbed her small bouquet of white roses from the side table and shared a smile with Leonardo.

    “You’re fine,” she whispered to him.

    His smile spread into a grin. “I know I’m supposed to be nervous, but I’ve got this stone in my gut that’s worried that she’s gone off and figured out that I’m completely unworthy of her.”

    Juliet smiled through the tears in her eyes. This wonderful man could be so silly sometimes. “Tell the stone to suck it up. You two are awesome together.”


    Juliet is pretty, bright, and might actually have her life together if she wasn’t so confused about love.
    Juliet has watched her older sister, Ophelia, fall in love and she knows she wants that for herself someday. But right now she’s just having fun and enjoying what she has with her boyfriend. When he makes a big mistake, though, it might end up being the final straw for them, especially when a friend she’s never really thought that much about starts making waves in her life.

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