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Ghost Dancer

Written By: Austina Love
Published by: Devine Destinies
ISBN #:978-1-77111-382-3
Series: Sweet Hitchhiker # 1
Word Count:23016
Page Count: 104
Heat Level:
Price: $3.99
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, Hiebook, HTML, Mobipocket, Rocket, Epub, Sony PDF, Sony LRF

    Once out of sight and on the roadside, she slipped her walking shoes off, tossed them under a bush and pulled a pair of boots from her shoulder bag. I stand a better chance of hitching a ride in these, she mused while pulling black leather, high-heeled boots over her calves. Standing on the shoulder of the road, she ditched her gossamer dress to reveal cutoff denim shorts that barely covered her tush and adjusted a black halter-style half top over her breasts.

    The time had come to use her feminine attributes to their full extent. She nearly fainted when her first possibility of a ride rumbled up the highway. Placing one hand on her hip and pushing it out just a bit with feet planted several inches apart, she poised herself in a sexy pose with her head tilted to one side so that her hair fell off her shoulder. Mister hot rebel rider with the gleaming black Harley slowed to a stop beside her. Dressed in tight faded jeans and an even tighter sleeveless black t-shirt, his biceps flexed as he gently throttled the engine.

    Her gaze swept over him. Every rippling muscle could be seen beneath the shirt that clung to his amazing torso like a second skin. She recalled his breathtaking appearance from a few days ago while pouring water over himself. For the first time she stared into his eyes—dark like night and alluring as hell.

    “Do you need a ride, pretty angel?” he asked in a gentle yet undeniably masculine voice.

    “I’ve seen you around. Which way are you headed, boy?” She did her best to sound casual when her insides were screaming take me now!

    An easy smile softened the hard lines of his gorgeous face. “I’m headed into town for supplies. I’ve been camping in the mountains.”

    “Perfect, me too.”

    He gave her a nod. “Hop on.”

    She swung one leg over the black leather passenger seat and braced her feet on the foot pegs.

    “Nice boots.” His gaze slid down her leg. “You can hold onto me if you like or grab the bar behind you.”

    Seizing the opportunity, she wrapped both arms around his firm waist. “I’ve never ridden one of these. I feel safer holding onto you.” She caught him grinning before he turned his head.

    The engine growled as they rolled back onto the highway, then it roared as he sped off down the road. Her long hair whipped out behind her bringing on a feeling of freedom she had never before experienced. Silky strands of his shoulder length hair blew about wildly in the wind, touching her face. She didn’t mind, his hair smelled awesome and so did he.

    They rolled into town almost an hour later. “My thighs are still vibrating,” she said with a soft laugh.

    He gave her a hot look with arched brows, then smiled. “I’ll be around if you need a ride back.”

    “Have you been following me?” She tucked a wayward strand of hair behind one ear while slanting him a demure look.

    “No…but if I was, would you blame me? You’re stunning.”

    “Hm…well if you are…you’re forgiven.” She flashed a saucy grin.

    “I’ve noticed you hanging around town a good bit. Do you work here?”


    “So you just hitch rides with strangers for fun?”

    She let out a short, light laugh. “Nooo…”

    “Let me guess,” he said with a smile and a wink that made her knees weak. “You’ve sized me up as the best getaway driver for when you rob the bank?”

    She felt the wind knocked from her. Had he seen me shift? Despite the sudden tightening in her gut, she remained calm and mustered the most innocent expression possible. Staring without flinching, keeping her eyes steadily upon him while offering a sweet smile, she replied, “If I did, would you mind?”

    He paused. His smoldering gaze pierced her soul. “Probably not…you look that good.”

    Ooo, he’s so smooth, she mused, then turned to go with a flattered smile on her face.

    “Hey, sweet hitchhiker,” he called after her before she’d gone more than a couple feet.

    She halted in her tracks. The words had rolled off his tongue so seductively that a delectable tingle trickled up her spine. Slowly, she turned half-way, shooting him a hot look that surely must’ve revealed the effect he was having on her. “Yes?” She arched one brow.

    “Don’t forget, if you need a ride…I’ll be around.”

    Beware of this hitchhiker—she’s dangerously sweet with a rare gift. Keep one eye on her and the other on your shadow.


    She was among America’s finest, a retired military officer and weapons specialist, home to resume life as a civilian on her family’s South Dakota farm. What she discovers upon her return can’t possibly be legal.

    After seeking guidance from the spirits of her Native American ancestors, Shye is given the ability to shift into her shadow. While in silhouette form she has the power to assume the identity of others by absorbing their shadows for a short time.

    What she does with this gift turns a quiet town upside down and one man’s life into utter chaos. Will Trip Viper give her another ride when he learns the truth about her? Or will he ignore his burning passion for the raven-haired vixen and ride off into the sunset alone?

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