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Published by: Devine Destinies
ISBN #:978-1-55487-266-4
Word Count:35000
Page Count: 147
Heat Level:
Price: $4.99
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, Hiebook, HTML, Mobipocket, Rocket, Epub, Sony PDF, Sony LRF

    “Well, I have to say the wait was worth it. You look gorgeous. Hair, the dress, everything. I’m impressed.”

    Not security. He wore a nice suit. Emily’s night vision was better than most and even in moonlight she recognized the sheen of silk. He smelled good, too, soap and water clean. When he smiled a face that at first glance was well proportioned graduated to handsome.

    “Thank you.” This had to be the most ridiculous trick Randy had ever played on her, but where had he found this guy? “Are you my brother’s way of saying I don’t date enough?”

    “Could be. Though I hardly think a lady such as yourself would have a problem with that.” The smile brought out dimples! Lord. Handsome just got upgraded to ‘oh my goodness.’ “Let’s just say I don’t mind if I’m your prospect for tonight.” Hard biceps bulged under dark silk when he put one hand in his pocket, all feline grace.

    “It’s a bit late.” She smiled anyway. She couldn’t help it. The situation was too ridiculous given some of her more abysmal luck with men. Did Randy think she was so incapable he had to arrange a blind date in a cemetery? Emily spared a quick glance over her shoulder to see what the teenager was doing. Randy hadn’t come toward them and was still shooting around the man-made pond in the center of the cemetery. Brothers.

    “Maybe I overslept.” Those dimples didn’t ease up. “Bloody hell, you smell aces!” He stepped a bit closer. “Never knew a sheila could smell that good.” His eyes closed for a moment as he drew a deep breath.

    Emily swallowed. “Thanks.” The skin on the back of her neck was alive. Various nerves all over her body skittered in excitement and her blood felt like it was humming. Was this what women’s fashion magazines called “chemistry”? It was fantastic even if it was a little scary. He smelled wonderful himself, a spicy trace of cologne, more the warmth of a man’s skin. “So. You a teacher or something?”

    His deep-throated laugh sent a jolt of energy through her. “Lord, no. I’m…retired. I never handled classrooms well.” He was so close now his body almost touched hers. Emily took a tentative step backwards from his intensity and her own unusual response to it. “Something wrong?” His brow furrowed at her movement.

    “Kind of. We’re strangers talking in a graveyard.” Emily sensed she was babbling and loathed it. Rakesh Edmonds, her partner of several years, once commented silent ice queen roles suited her best. Her next step back would have sent her stumbling, but for a movement and hold too quick for Emily to see before she felt it.

    “Steady on,” he coaxed.


    He didn’t unwrap his arms from her body and Emily met dark eyes, mild and inquisitive, friendly amusement dancing in their depths. There had to be some secret freaky flaw to this dreamboat. Why else would he be here?

    Malcolm Blackmon had nothing against vampires. He just wasn’t sure he wanted to be one. A crime scene gone bad and mortal injury forced the Australian transplant into a hasty decision, accepting a vampire friend’s adoption. His new family welcomed him with promises of a wonderful life free of his responsibilities as an undercover cop. Early retirement, no money worries and pretty donors catering to his appetites for blood and pleasure? Not bad. Hunting down New Orleans criminal low-life for blood and sport… He’d get used to it. He’d manage all right if he could just get past Emily Kagan. Mistaken for his donor when Malcolm first rose, her lush dancer’s body filled his arms while her sweet kisses and sweeter blood flooded Malcolm’s senses. Since then, nothing has smelled, tasted or felt the same. His vampire family warns him his fixation is a danger—Emily’s taste has been amplified in his memories due to the stress of his first hunger when he rose. But it’s so much more to Malcolm. His spirit lingers with Emily during the day, flirting, seducing, protecting. Loving. Can Malcolm control his vampirism and keep nice with his family while the family patriarch researches more of Emily’s unique origins and the wonderful connection Malcolm is destined to share with the love he never found in life?

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