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Diana Kemp

A gifted muse of words, Diana wears many hats, including Head of Development at Dominant Entertainment, creative writer, author, screenwriter, and ghostwriter.


Her passion for writing emerged at the age of seven and evolved into a considerable repertoire of short stories, novellas, novels, short and feature-length screenplays earning 130 competition awards and placings.


Her publishing credits include The Samsara Chronicles, Books 1 & 2 co-written with Gabriella Bradley, Kiyama, Scirotica 1, 2, 3, Sandcastles, and a short story in the sci-fi anthology, Voices of Imagination. She has also completed over 250 jobs as a freelance writer. 

Email : dianamkemp@aol.com


Written By: Diana Kemp
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Spectral eyes watched from the timelessness of the vast tank chamber. Imprisoned in their liquid-filled tombs, the...

My anxiety increased when I spotted a series of pictographs adorning the commune walls. I understood even from a distance that they depicted the Omoro chronicle. An arched door opened when I neared the entrance, the walls dancing with life-sized pictographs displaying the images of my ancestors and their strange, star-bound vehicles. I approached them and traced their outlines with my fingers while in my mind hushed voices whispered ancient tales.

Coolness wafted from the commune’s interior. A refreshing draft ruffled my hair and caressed my face. The drumbeat softened into a gentle heartbeat as five Omoro appeared from the shadows. With a thrill of recognition, I regarded two adults and three children. Joy filled my heart and buoyed my spirits when I realized I was no longer alone.

The group approached slowly. Poised, ebony-skinned and willowy-limbed, they wore their hair in elaborately coiled braids beaded with amber, coral and other precious stones. Golden thread glinted from the colorful batik prints of their robes. Beautifully crafted jewelry of amber and gold adorned their wrists, ankles, ears and necks.

The Elder, a man of noble stature and warm, patrician features, wore an embroidered sash of rank adorned by a large ruby the shape of a bird’s egg. My eyes were drawn to a small tattoo on his left temple depicting several intersecting circles. He smiled and bowed, his deep chocolate eyes and rich voice familiar.

“Welcome to the homeworld, Kanuwe. I am Badarou, Elder of the Sofouru Commune.” He turned to the others, who smiled welcomingly at me. “This is my wife, Nsangue, my son Renwati and daughters Tanifah and Dhoman.”

We bowed in greeting, the action instinctive on my part. I stared at Badarou. He smiled and nodded.

“We have already spoken. I was present at your awakening.”

I recalled the spectral faces in the tanks and glanced questioningly at the others. A shudder coursed through me as I thought of such a hellish incarceration. I wondered whether immortality was worth such a price.

“Such an existence was not their wish,” Badarou said, reading my expression. “And I would not have insisted.”

A question half-formed on my lips. Badarou gazed toward the lake and the majestic mountain range beyond with misty eyes.

“Look around you, Kanuwe. Such is the beauty of Omori, our home—a world of peace and prosperity, a people at one with nature.”

Moving with regal grace, Nsangue approached me and took my arm. She smelled of musk and spice, the drowsy warmth accentuating the enticing aroma. When she smiled, her teeth were a flash of ivory against flawless dusky skin. Ankle bracelets tinkled delightfully as she moved. Her mahogany eyes melted into mine, her velvety touch a calming salve against the questions burning in my mind.

“It is time to meet your ancestors, Kanuwe,” she said, leaving the others behind. “Come help me prepare for the evening tea ceremony.”

We entered the deliciously cool retreat of the commune. Tiled fountains soothingly splashed amidst handcrafted furnishings of wood, metal and stone. Colorful tapestries, basketry and bold sculptures adorned niches and walls, reflecting muted sunlight from artfully angled windows and skylights. The setting was serene and peaceful, an embodiment of the Omoro persona.

“This is wonderful,” I said as I admired the lovingly crafted décor. My fingers strayed to a mosaic plaque depicting the commune, placed to receive the filtered light from a nearby window. Vivid colors blazed with feral intensity.

Nsangue pointed to a dramatic copper mask displayed over an arched fireplace. “Many pieces are forged by Badarou’s hand,” she said, retrieving a deep tri-color basket and a small terracotta jug from a wooden cabinet. “I enjoy basketry and weaving. The children are gifted in music. Each Omoro has a special talent. It is a gift we honor by bringing it to life.”

A glass-enclosed cabinet situated in the corner of the room away from the light caught my attention. Nsangue said nothing when I approached, my eyes riveted to a magnificently carved shield bisected by a pair of spears. Though the detail closely resembled the other artwork in the room, something about it seemed different. It exuded a sense of antiquity that spanned a time longer than I could imagine.

“You recognize the soul of the clansmen,” Nsangue observed. “They were the original tribe. We call them the forefathers.”

I touched the glass. “Kabila,” I said, unsure why the strange word had suddenly appeared in my mind.

“Our heritage is long and noble, Kanuwe. Always remember that.”

“I feel¼something,” I said, looking around the room as though seeking an answer to my confusion. “This place is a crossroads.”

“Omori anchors us to the spiritual and physical world. One cannot exist without the other.”

I pondered her words as she led me to a central atrium garden. Sunshine filtered through verdant foliage, dappling a natural stream alive with delicate opaline fish and tiny green turtles. Women and young girls tended the multitude of greenery and polished intricately tiled pathways and bridges. A lovely teenager with fawn’s eyes cut magnificent coral blooms from a long-stalked bush and placed them in a basket. Jewel-colored birds flitted from the branches, filling the air with delightful song. A sensation of gentle energy rippled through me.

“An oasis in an arid land,” I said in wonder. “How is this possible?”

Nsangue dipped her jug into the bubbling stream. Bells distantly chimed to accompany the lowing of animals. I glanced out a nearby window and noticed a herd of horned goat-like creatures grazing in a cultivated field. Youngsters playfully bucked and charged their indulgent parents, their lush coats mottled with brown and gold. I smiled at their charming antics.

“The stream of life heals and nurtures,” Nsangue said. “It is the spiritual core of our people.”

She handed me the water jug. I sipped from it, savoring a pure sweetness that lingered in my mouth. We wandered outside to a lush, grassy area bordering the commune and surveyed a peaceful scene that suffused me with a sense of well-being. I smiled as children and their pets, furry, long-snouted creatures with endearing whinnies, romped while women picked shiny red pods from a surrounding bank of thick, prickly green hedges. In amazement, I watched two of them balance tall baskets atop their heads and calmly walk toward the commune without supporting them. Babies hung in slings across their mothers’ backs, their lusty yawls a triumphant song of their own. Nearby, teams of men and teenage boys prepared the foundation for a new commune.

“These are aruna pods,” Nsangue said, extending a thorny branch drooping with the weighty pods gleaming with a lacquered red shine. “Crushed, they produce the finest tea. The powder also has many medicinal properties.” She handed me the basket and set the water jug on the grass. “The honor of gathering will be yours. You must remember to always fill the basket. The stream of life provides abundance for all. We must honor the gift.”

I reached toward the glossy hedge, the sun a warm kiss on my back. The crescent-shaped pods snapped off easily, emitting dusty red puffs. Nsangue hummed while I stuffed the basket to the brim.

Suddenly, a wet nose snuffled against my ankle. I looked down in surprise as a plump gray furball affectionately nuzzled my foot.

Spectral eyes watched from the timelessness of the vast tank chamber. Imprisoned in their liquid-filled tombs, the souls of the ancient Omoro kept vigil on the wondrous spectacle of their creation. They whispered like the gentlest of breezes, their thoughts commingling. Below, in a mist-enshrouded chrysalis, their progeny slumbered, a precious creation of flesh and blood, a vital link to the past and the future.

The time of awakening was drawing near.

A surge of anticipation and excitement rippled through the tanks as the blue mist gradually began to clear within the chrysalis. A shape emerged, a shape that brought joy to the phantom audience.

In the tank of one whose essence inhabited a lower level, long-forgotten emotions sprang from the shadow of time. As he observed the awakening, memories of his world, his people and the love he held for his children filled his spirit with elation. His jubilant voice joined the welcoming chant of his kindred. Sparks of energy flickered in the tanks like legions of phantasmic butterflies. The millennia of waiting, the grinding tribulations of the past, were quickly forgotten as a vision of hope and the shining promise of resurrection stirred before him.

Price: $5.95

Written By: Diana Kemp
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

The Academy — A brilliant student discovers that her prestigious scholarship conceals a sinister plan for co...
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The Academy — A brilliant student discovers that her prestigious scholarship conceals a sinister plan for colonization …

Assassin — A mysterious woman challenges the domain of a notorious underworld figurehead …

Desert Dreamer — The world of virtual reality provides an unhappy wife the key to escaping her troubled marriage …

Ground Zero — A young girl bored with her generic lifestyle is hurtled into a dark realm that releases her innermost desires …
Price: $4.99
Sci-Rotica II

Written By: Diana Kemp
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

Detox–Hurled to a distant world by their malfunctioning ship, a socialite and her date become the prey of ho...
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Detox–Hurled to a distant world by their malfunctioning ship, a socialite and her date become the prey of hostile inhabitants …
The Doughnut–Two sisters enslaved by the sex trade for their survival on a bleak Earth beat the odds through a daring escape …
Fly By Nite–Brought together by a dimensional rift, two unlikely soulmates meet briefly on a moonlit beach …
Fusion–An illicit love between a woman and a married man tempts the laws of time and paradox …
Game Point–An eccentric recluse fond of dangerous games learns a lesson in humility from a daring opponent …
Island–A woman chosen to spearhead the merging between humanity and an alien race undergoes a profound transformation …
Price: $4.99
Sci-Rotica III

Written By: Diana Kemp
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

Mirror Club — A social noncomformist struggles for her identity in an intolerant world bent on harsh methods...
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Mirror Club — A social noncomformist struggles for her identity in an intolerant world bent on harsh methods of rehabilitation …
Nuclear Heaven — After drifting two centuries, the sole survivor of an exploratory mission is revived to find himself in the hands of a voracious female crew …
Off the Beaten Track — A cutting edge attraction opens a gateway between the ancient seeders of Earth and its children …
Peep Show — A woman existing merely as sexual merchandise finds release in the love of two men …
Room of Hands — An alien using unsanctioned genetic experimentation to transform herself into humanoid form commits the ultimate betrayal against her people …
Silent Gathering — two scientists studying important archeological relics unwittingly unleash an ancient entity waiting to claim them …
Storm Warning — A planet in turmoil brings together and ultimately separates two star-crossed lovers …
Timespanner — A nomadic alien trapped on present day Earth assumes human form to survive and experiences a close encounter with its rescuers …
Price: $4.99
The Samsara Chronicles - Book 1

Written By: Gabriella Bradley, Diana Kemp
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Blending elements of futuristic, fantasy, science fiction and the paranormal, the Samsara Chronicles explores the...

Sometime in the future…


Seanna snuggled against the pillows and drifted off, the background sounds of Blake in the shower a receding whisper. She felt herself sinking into cottonwool silence, her head spinning beyond the effects of the single glass of Merlot she had at dinner. Embraced by a warm spectral breeze, her hair billowed in an auburn veil. Invisible hands gently directed her like a falling leaf into an aura of brilliant light tinged with ethereal hues of blush pink, rose and mauve. Seanna reached out in awe at the shimmering sea of color. Silken to the touch, it caressed her bare skin. A sensation of bliss infused her.

She drifted onto a field of gossamer grass. Surrounded by a pastoral landscape, her gaze followed the undulation of verdant hills and riotously blooming meadows. Such was the intensity of colors and fragrances that she felt she could touch and even taste them. The peace and serenity of the wondrous landscape enveloped her with an infinite sense of wellbeing. Snowy birds with cascading silver-specked tails soared in an endless azure sky.

“Where am I?” she whispered.

A breathy voice answered. Behold your destiny, my child.

A floral perfumed breath whispered against her ear. Seanna watched a swirling mist appear. Soft, tinkling music danced on the wings of the breeze. She discerned shapes, glass balls that resembled fragile soap bubbles like the ones she used to blow as a child, some large, some smaller. They pirouetted toward her in a graceful ballet. A vague figure formed in the center of the mist cloud. It waxed and waned, teasing her with fleeting glimpses of a body, a face, then quickly disappeared as though embraced by an evening fog.

Seanna tried to rise from the velvety grass but spectral arms guided her back. She lay on the pliant blades and felt a delicious languor overcome her. Rays of sunlight caressed her body, arousing her until every nerve on her body cried for release. Her flesh pimpled, her nipples hardened. Eagerly, she spread herself open to embrace the golden light. The spheres hovered around her and glided against her skin. Phantom hands raised her legs and played against her flesh like a master pianist.

A primal lust consumed her, her body aglow from the almost unbearable pleasure. Her dampened hair whipped around her face as she was brought to climax after climax until her own hoarse voice begged for respite. Exhausted, spent, Seanna panted for air. She ached deliciously. Even the velvety touch of the grass was unbearably tantalizing against her sensitized skin.

Through half closed eyelids she glimpsed the elusive face once again. Whispers in a hundred languages crooned in her mind, imparting a secret so amazing she could barely comprehend the import of the words. She sighed and held out her arms as a sense of intense joy infused her.

“Now that’s what I call a welcome.” Blake’s voice startled her from her meditative state.


“The one and only,” he said, grinning at her while toweling his hair dry.

She gazed appreciatively at his still fit physique and noted that he was more than a little aroused. “I just had the most amazing dream.”

“A wet dream, by chance?”

She grew speculative, the sensual essence of the dream lingering but offering no actual recollections. “Actually, I can’t really remember. You know how it is with dreams. The moment you wake up, they’re gone. All I know is that I’m horny as hell.”

“I can take care of that,” he said huskily. “I hope I was the star in this X-rated dream.”

A smoldering heat flared in her groin at the touch of his fingers. “No, it was more than that. It went beyond the physical. It was almost spiritual.”

Blake began to nibble her neck. “Perhaps we can explore this in depth.”

“You’re not listening to me.”

“On the contrary, I hear you loud and clear. My aim is to make your dream reality…”

Later, clasped together, they recovered in companionable silence.

“You should have dreams like this more often,” Blake said, brushing a sweat-damp lock of hair from Seanna’s forehead. “Been a while since we’ve made love like this. Brings back memories of my stud days.”

Seanna smiled and kissed him gently on the lips. “I can assure you, your stud days are far from over. And to think, I couldn’t even remember the dream. Imagine if we could watch a video of it.”

Blake grinned. “Maybe it’s best you can’t remember. Otherwise we’d never get anything done around here.” He rolled onto his back with a contented sigh. “You up to a bath?

“Some wine and candles, too?” Seanna said.

Blake rose from the bed. “Planning a heavy night, are we?”

She reached over and playfully slapped his taut ass. “Who knows? If I sleep well enough, I may have another dream.”

Blending elements of futuristic, fantasy, science fiction and the paranormal, the Samsara Chronicles explores the duality of good and evil set against two worlds, Earth and Nirvana.
Guided by mystical beings, a human mother bears a daughter of alien royalty, Aislinn, destined to champion the future of Earth.
Price: $6.99
The Samsara Chronicles - Book 2

Written By: Gabriella Bradley, Diana Kemp
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Dylan, Aislinn and the chosen humans arrive on Nirvana but now the pair faces another alien threat, this time to t...

After they finished a leisurely breakfast, they paused to admire the sweeping view of the city. Streets and transport tubes buzzed with activity, the bustle of daily life somehow far removed from the darkness that threatened to overwhelm it. Immaculate buildings fronted broad boulevards and plazas beautifully landscaped with fountains, shimmering reflecting pools and a dazzling array of foliage. Colorfully tiled pathways meandered through verdant parks and play areas alive with the sound of children.

As Aislinn sipped an aromatic herbal tea, she considered the events of the previous day and the chilling sight of the Klatrians struggling in the sunlight. The two men taken into custody no doubt would have been interrogated by now. Hopefully, information had been gleaned that could assist in the rescue of her parents.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Dylan said.

“I can’t stop thinking about the Klatrians.”

Dylan nodded. “Alien Kamikaze. Who would have imagined such a thing?”

“We don’t know enough about them, Dylan. Maybe in their society such a sacrifice might be considered the ultimate honor. Or perhaps these drones are conscripts to a dark cause we can barely imagine.” She shook her head. “It seems conflict exists everywhere. I really hoped that it wouldn’t be so, that other worlds might have advanced to a peaceful state, but perhaps violence is the only way to bring about the understanding and appreciation of harmony. Innocence, it seems, isn’t the way of the universe.”

Her gaze drifted to a plaza adjacent to the palace. Scattered groups of people strolled along the mosaic paths or sat by acrobatically jetting fountains creating intricate patterns in the air. A young girl pointed excitedly as a plume of spray from the dancing water formed a shimmering rainbow. Well away from the path, beneath a lacy canopy of trees, a couple stood watching the girl. Though they appeared innocuous enough, something about their stance made her uneasy.

“Dylan, over by the plaza. Look at that couple.”

Suspiciously, they melted into the trees when Dylan casually glanced their way. “Let me warn the guards.”

As Aislinn watched, the couple threaded their way across the plaza. They did not linger and in passing through sunny patches, she noticed their urgency to seek shade. Moments later, a contingent of guards clad in royal blue tunics and trousers and bearing the royal insignia on their shoulders, surrounded the plaza. A flurry of activity, mostly concealed by the trees, finally revealed a pursuit. Pedestrians scattered as the senior guard shouted something. The man pushed the woman away and fled in the opposite direction.

Aislinn gasped as a sensation of coldness washed over her. At that moment, the woman doubled back and veered onto a path near the fountain. As if sensing Aislinn’s scrutiny, she suddenly paused and raised her eyes. Their glances locked, and a hostility beyond description emanated from the woman’s gaze. Bolting off at the sound of shouting, she somehow lost her footing and fell onto a sunny part of the path. Witnessing the spectacle below, Aislinn clasped the railing with white knuckles.

“There! On the path!” she cried out, the breeze carrying her voice downward to the guards, spurring them into action. Snared by the sunlight, the woman struggled to rise as though stunned. Her reactions were sluggish. She glared balefully and tried to bolt from the contingent of approaching guards, but stumbled again.

Dylan returned a moment later. “It’s okay. They won’t get away. The guards have been on alert since yesterday’s incident. These two have actually been spotted before, but managed to get away.”

Aislinn frowned at the woman’s increasing agitation. She stumbled with the uncoordinated movements of a drunkard.

“Dylan, look!”

A guard advanced on the disoriented woman while a second jumped her from behind and tackled her to the ground. The woman fought the men with unbelievable viciousness before her body abruptly slackened in their grip.

“Watch yourself!” Aislinn cried out to the guards, again sensing the woman’s malevolence.

Almost on cue, the woman exploded into a frenzied resistance. The second guard was caught by surprise and barely missed her flailing fists. It took both a supreme effort to subdue her. Aislinn watched in horror as the woman’s fury transformed into agony. Writhing in the sun, she began screaming and clawing at her face, the epidermis peeling off in shriveled, parchment-like strips. Even from a distance, Aislinn could see revulsion in the guards’ faces as the woman savagely gouged her flesh. Muddy fluid jetted from the wounds, and despite the intervention of a third guard, none could stop her self-mutilation.

Aislinn shook her head as if to banish the ugly scene. “Dear God, is this what we’re up against?”

Dylan, Aislinn and the chosen humans arrive on Nirvana but now the pair faces another alien threat, this time to their homeworld. 
Aislinn and Dylan’s joyous homecoming to Nirvana is tempered by yet another crisis. Aliens, assisted by a traitorous member of Nirvanan security and a threat to the royal bloodline, have kidnapped Aislinn’s parents and hold them hostage on the dying world of Klatria. Aislinn and Dylan now face the task of rescuing them before they are killed.
Price: $6.99