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Anastasia Maltezos

Anastasia Maltezos enjoys reading and writing all romance genres, whether it’s a sweet contemporary or a dark paranormal.  Her heroes vary from a high powered corporate mogul falling in love with the girl next door, or a sexy vampire searching for his lost love. She loves blooms in all forms.

Email : anastasiamaltezos@gmail.com

Her Vampire Lover

Written By: Anastasia Maltezos
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

His love for her would never die.   Tobias Knight, a four hundred year old vampire, happens upon Cat...

She stirred from her dreamless sleep and opened her eyes, frowning at the strange sounds coming from the living room. They were a mixture of thuds and thick fabric ripping. A cold sensation crept up her spine.

The terrifying events in town and later at the cabin raced through her mind, causing her stomach jolt with fear. Someone was in her living room. She slipped out of bed and glanced down at her naked body, stiffening as she recalled the hands undressing her. She reached for her white, satin robe.

The strange sounds continued and she frantically scanned the room looking for a weapon. She grabbed Mel’s brass candelabra from the dresser and made her way to the living room.

She stopped dead in her track, her breath catching.

Tobias stood before the fireplace, ripping and tearing firewood with his bare hands as he placed them on the rack. She watched him visibly stiffen, drop the wood, and slowly turn around. Cat felt her heart skip a beat as he ran a dark intense gaze over her appearance. The candelabra slipped through her hands and fell to the floor.

His gaze was like fire on her skin, leaving a trail of heat from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. She had the strangest feeling he was undressing her with his eyes. She sensed a sexual awareness, almost primal in nature, emanating from him.

“I retrieved your wood from the curb,” he offered slowly, his gaze dropping to her breasts.

“Oh,” she replied huskily, feeling like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole. “Who are you?”

“Tobias Knight.”

She gulped. She had meant to ask him, what are you? “Are you…you’re a vampire.” She couldn’t believe she announced that as calmly as she announced the weather.


The knowledge left her feeling strangely calm. “What do you want with me?”

He had already removed his black coat, and she let her gaze flicker over his tall and muscular physique clad in a black shirt and black pants. Fear wound its way around her.

Just as suddenly, a strange, eerie calm surrounded her, as though invisible hands were soothing her fears away. She darted a nervous glance at the front door, then looked down at the candelabra on the floor by her feet. The invisible hands continued their path along her shoulders, down her back, around her waist, up to her breasts. Cat gasped. A tremor shot through her body as her breasts were fondled and her breath hitched in her throat.

Tobias’s dark gaze held her captive as her blood began to pound in her ears. He was calming her and arousing her at the same time and she could do nothing about it, trapped within his invisible hands.

His love for her would never die.
Tobias Knight, a four hundred year old vampire, happens upon Cat Luster’s latest best seller and stares at her picture on the jacket, astounded to discover it’s Seraphina, his one true love who perished at the hands of vampire killers three hundred years ago. He seeks her out and discovers she is his dead vampire wife reincarnated, but he must convince Cat of this fact. The only way to help her remember her past life with him is to reawaken the fire between them and experience the hot, passionate, erotic love they shared three hundred years years ago.
Cat is a paranormal erotica writer with an overactive imagination. In one startling moment she meets her fantasy lover, the man she’s been day dreaming about all her life, as he brings her erotica to life.
Meanwhile, the vampire killers who drove a stake through her heart are back and they mean to kill her…again.
Price: $3.99
Lycan King

Written By: Anastasia Maltezos
Series: Lycan Legend #2
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Forbidden Love—Lycans and Vampires do not mate. When Eve, a beautiful vampire, journeys to King Drag...

He lowered himself next to her and gently lifted her on his lap.

She lifted her blue gaze to his and said huskily, “How did you find me?”

He ignored her question. The truth disturbed the hell out of him and he pushed it to the back of his mind. He ran his gaze over her face and frowned.

“What is wrong?” he asked abruptly, fear making his nape tingle. “You look weak, paler.”

She licked her lips. “I…I need to feed.” She glanced over his shoulder and squeezed her eyes. “Dammit, you scared the fox away.” She winced, gasping in pain.

“Eve, what is it?” He tightened his hold on her and shook her gently.

She gasped for breath. “If I don’t feed…I will die,” she said faintly.

He grimaced and lowered her gently to the ground. He looked around wildly. Dammit, he could have helped her if only she’d come to him. The cooks always had fresh meat being slaughtered and prepared in the kitchen for dinner. They were always washing blood off the counters and floor.

Deeply concerned, he glanced at the open field. It was barren. The forest was nearby, but he didn’t want to leave her alone while he searched for an animal. There was only one thing left to do. Grimacing, he looked down at her. All he saw were her daggers, her sword and a knife. Where the hell was her stake?

“Are all of your weapons made of silver?” he asked.

“What?” She blinked away her confusion until realisation lit her face. “No, you mustn’t. Let me…let me die.” She closed her eyes. “Please…I beg you…just take care of my daughter.” She groaned as she clutched her stomach.

He shook her. “Answer me!”


“Your stake,” he said roughly. “Are you carrying it?”

“Be…behind me,” she said weakly.

Without saying another word, he lifted her and felt behind her. The stake was strapped to her back. He pulled it free and laid her down. His heart hammered in his chest as her breath came out in short rasps. Clenching his jaw, he drove the stake through his wrist, twisted it to make a deep cut and pulled it out, tossing it behind him.

Blood poured from his cut.

Quickly, he leaned over her still form and placed his bloody cut over her mouth. “Feed,” he said hoarsely.

Her eyes flickered and she shook her head.

Drago pressed his wrist to her mouth. “Eve, feed on my blood,” he said thickly. “You will die if you don’t.”

She opened her eyes and stared at him, her expression horrified. “I don’t…feed on…humans,” she said, her voice growing fainter.

He grimaced. “You forget I am not human. Now, feed.”

She squeezed her eyes. “Dear God, forgive me,” she said and grabbed his arm, pulling his wrist closer to her mouth as she began to drink his blood.

Forbidden Love—Lycans and Vampires do not mate.

When Eve, a beautiful vampire, journeys to King Drago’s castle, she doesn’t expect the contempt and dislike the king shows her. He wants her off his royal grounds because he doesn’t want to place his people in harm’s way with her vile thirst. Vampires are evil, he says, ruled by the devil, feeding off innocents to survive. Eve doesn’t care what he thinks. She has arrived at his castle for one reason. She wants her daughter.

Drago, a two-hundred-year-old Lycan King, cannot explain the lust heating his loins for this undead beauty. She has the face of an angel, yet she splays her sword like a warrior and fights like his best royal guard. In time, it is more than her beauty and fighting skills that interests him. It is her courage and bravery, her compassion and honour that makes him realise he may have done her a great injustice calling her evil. He soon discovers he is lusting after her like no other because she is his one, his soul mate. How can that be? He knows of no Lycan in existence who has ever claimed a vampire.

Price: $4.99
Lycan Prince

Written By: Anastasia Maltezos
Series: Lycan Legend #1
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

He is a Lycan Prince sworn to protect his people. She is a warrior woman who fights with silver. Prince Vasil...
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He is a Lycan Prince sworn to protect his people. She is a warrior woman who fights with silver.

Prince Vasilis does not believe there is one true mate for every werewolf. Yet, he begins to wonder if he is bedding two, three wenches at a time to quench his mounting hunger, a lust he cannot sate, or because the legend is true, that his time to mate has come. Is there one woman destined to be his? One woman for all eternity who can satisfy his relentless hunger?  No. The human woman he needs does not exist. His mate must be brave, strong, fear nothing and have more fire in her veins than all his Lycan guards combined.

Alexandra is on a mission. She must wed the prince to save her little sister’s life. The fates conspire and bring her to him, but on first sight she tries to kill him. She is a beautiful warrior woman who makes men stop dead in their tracks, who fears nothing and no one, who above all, will not fall under the prince’s seductive, sensual spell.

Price: $4.99
Lycan Warrior

Written By: Anastasia Maltezos
Series: Lycan Legend #3
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Destined to mate.   Malek is the brave, heroic Lycan warrior who has served as the king’s chief...

Malek heard her humming a soft melody and tightened his jaw. A few moments later, he heard a splash. She was in the water—naked.

Damnation. He was supposed to be protecting her, not entertaining thoughts of ravishing her. He heard her moan and his gut tightened. The wolf in him was going wild. It wanted to join her, touch her, and caress her.

The man in him, however, was frustrated.

In two hundred years, he’d discreetly bedded hundreds upon hundreds of wenches, but he’d never felt this uncontrollable hunger coursing through his veins for any one of them.

The splashing stopped and Malek tensed. He couldn’t hear her. Moving his head to the direction of the lake bed, he gritted his teeth and tried listening for any signs of movement from her. Then, he heard a sharp yelp.

Growling, he ran toward the lake, snapping branches and breaking twigs as he charged through the thick shrub, his heart pounding with fear. Privacy be damned! He should not have left her alone!

The woods thinned and he vaulted through the air into the clearing, nearly falling over Katya. Shocked, Malek reached out his hands and stopped her from stumbling back. Instantly, his shock evaporated as he felt her soft skin beneath his hands, her curved hip, her small waist. Dazed by the sudden heat assaulting his senses, Malek stared at her breasts, full and supple, their rosy nubs had his control completely crashing down.

His inner wolf howled with primal need and he grimaced as fire coursed through his veins. He looked down at her face. She looked terrified. Without warning, she clawed at his face and screamed, her eyes turning amber.

Damnation, Katya was shifting!

“Be still,” Malek roared as he gripped her shoulders. “It is I, Malek. I heard you scream.”

She ignored him as she kept clawing and growling, pounded on his chest. Grimacing, he watched her face shift, brows meeting at the bridge of her nose, jowls appearing, ferocious fangs snapping in rage. Slowly, she grew in height, towering over him. If he didn’t shift, her Lycan form would rip him to shreds.

Without another thought, Malek called on his inner beast and shifted in his eight-foot Lycan form, his clothes ripping and shredding from his body as he expanded. She had already shifted in her seven feet tall She-Lycan and wrestled him to the ground.

“Katya! Stop,” he growled in his eerie voice, rolling over, imprisoning her body beneath his.

Malek grabbed her hands and gripped them tightly over her head as he gazed down at her face. He tried to ignore the treacherous wave of desire making his heart pound where their naked loins met. She was breathing hard, squirming under his weight, and he sucked in a harsh breath. Even in her Lycan form, he found her desirable.

Her stare connected with his and he caught a flash of recognition in them, then fear, and finally shame. “Oh no,” Katya whispered. “I’m…I’m sorry. You can release me.”

“Not until you shift back to your human.”

Destined to mate.
Malek is the brave, heroic Lycan warrior who has served as the king’s chief guard for two hundred years. His prime directive is to protect the royal kingdom. He sets off on a mission from the king that will take him on a journey away from the castle. His mission is not a dangerous one, but there is danger all around him in the form of one beauty, the She-Wolf, Katya, who the king has asked to accompany Malek and his band of guards. Even though she is the key to the success of the mission, Malek has reasons not to trust her. As his attraction mounts for the beauty, so does his frustration. How can he surrender to his wolf’s almost violent need to claim her when he believes she is a threat to the castle?
When she overhears Malek insinuate to the king that she may be a spy sent by Balkathan to infiltrate the castle, Katya is extremely insulted. The fierce looking Lycan warrior doesn’t trust her and she tries very hard to make peace between them. Her anger turns to passionate heat for the Lycan warrior when his touch awakens her inner wolf for the first time in her life.
Will Malek and Katya conquer their inner demons and realise they are meant to be?
Price: $3.99
The Lycan and his Witch

Written By: Anastasia Maltezos
Series: Lycan Legend #5
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Their love was cursed   Zora, a beautiful witch, prepares to fight an ancient evil spell. Her soul ma...

The sound of a startled gasp snapped his gaze to a clearing. His eyes narrowed on the hag who stood there, her gloved hand raised to her mouth, her eyes wide as saucers as she stared at him.

“Oh no!” she whispered, gaping at his cuts and gashes.

He knew they were fading and disappearing right before her eyes. Her horrified gaze darted to his shredded clothes.

Hell and damnation! She looked like she was going to faint. He grabbed his bag from the ground and pulled his remaining trousers and shirt out. “Do not fear me,” he said as he shoved them on. “I was attacked by wolves.”

She backed away. “No! Stand back!”

“I will not harm you. I need assistance. I seek a woman who—”

“You seek me,” she said, raising a gloved hand.

He narrowed his eyes as realisation dawned on him. “You are Zora, the witch who lives in these woods.”

“Yes. Forgive me. I do this only to protect you.” She mumbled a string of words he could not understand.

Stunned, Bryce felt himself grow cold and then numb. Unable to hold himself up, he collapsed to the ground as darkness surrounded him. She was doing this to him!

“I mean you…no…harm…” he said hoarsely, trying to hold onto his last shred of consciousness. He stared at her unsightly features, tight and drawn with regret, and rested his gaze on her eyes.

They were the colour of the ocean, fringed with sooty lashes, framed by delicately arched brows. Kindness poured from them and he was fascinated with their out of place context on the hag’s repulsive features.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, before he blacked out.


Bryce opened his eyes and took a moment to adjust to his surroundings. He was sitting on a couch, his body wrapped in a silver chain. His ears pricked when he heard the sound of singing again, but this time, he wasn’t enchanted by it.

This time he was bloody furious!

Whoever was singing outside on the front porch was holding him prisoner. Evidently the hideous looking witch, Zora, had a daughter because he couldn’t conceive a voice so lovely belonging to the old hag.

Bryce tried shrugging out of the chains, but the more he struggled, the weaker he became. He heard a movement at the door and saw the hag walk in from the outside.

“Untie me,” he growled as he snapped his gaze to her face.

“I cannot.” Zora walked into the living room and stood ten paces from him, wringing her gnarly hands as she stared at him with worry on her face.

“You know what I am,” Bryce said.

“Yes. You are a Lycan.”

“I only seek a cure for this damn curse.”

Her expression faltered and she looked momentarily surprised. “I’m sorry. I can’t help you.”

He grimaced. “I have gold, if that’s what you want.”

“You don’t understand. I cannot remove the werewolf curse. No one can. The rumours you’ve heard about me are false.”

Bryce couldn’t believe his six month journey had brought him to nothing. Anger rose in his chest and he struggled to get out of the chains, growling as a numbness restrained his strength. Dammit! He’d have to ruin his remaining clothes.

As a human, he didn’t possess the strength to snap the chains in two, but as a Lycan he did.

Calling on the beast within him, he summoned it to the surface. Nothing. His beast refused to rise. He glared at her.

Zora watched as Bryce struggled with the chains and said, “You cannot shift into either your Lycan or your wolf form. I’ve cast a spell on the silver chains. They’re subduing your beasts.”

“What do you want from me?” he roared. He moved sharply and jostled the table next to him, knocking a vase over as he shot her a furious look.

Sadness and regret tinged her expression. “I want nothing.” She walked to the table and reached for the vase.

Bryce narrowed his eyes and lunged forward, his hand snaking out from beneath the chain. The chains stopped him from moving further, but not before his fingers brushed her skirt.

She shrieked and jumped back.

Their love was cursed


Zora, a beautiful witch, prepares to fight an ancient evil spell. Her soul mate, a ruthlessly, handsome Lycan, must not fall in love with her. If he does, the ancient spell will see to it he dies. How can Zora save him? She casts a spell on herself and transforms into a hideous, old hag. So hideous, how can he possibly fall in love with her?

Bryce, a three hundred year old Lycan, is either losing his mind or he’s witnessing dark magic at play. The ugly, old witch who has offered him shelter for a couple of days is starting to look less repulsive. His human is repelled by her, but his wolf is fighting for release to claim her.

Price: $2.99