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Portal 2212: Part 3

Written By: Thadd Evans
Published by: Devine Destinies
ISBN #:978-1-4874-0053-8
Series: Portal # 0
Word Count:24096
Page Count: 140
Heat Level:
Price: $4.99
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, Hiebook, HTML, Mobipocket, Rocket, Epub, Sony PDF, Sony LRF

    I walked across a desert as a school of thirty-foot long magenta and iridescent blue fish, perhaps a vision, swam past me. More glided by. I stuck my hand out—it went inside a fish. Much to my surprise, all of them became transparent and disappeared. This was a dream, a realistic event.

    It started raining. Not far away, in the darkness, an unknown Aulew man glanced at me. Suddenly, the rain and the Aulew crumbled.

    Now I was at the top of a snow-covered mountain. I continued on, then paused near the edge of a cliff. Above me, clouds broke apart. To my left, several feet beyond a boulder, a hundred and eighty-foot diameter disk shaped ship, an alien white vessel without any windows or hatches, a craft that didn’t resemble IN5, touched down. The peak and ship dissipated.

    Instantaneously, I was inside a room. Outside a window, a dust storm moved across a desert. The window vanished.

    Far away, a bird flew over a mountain. Within seconds, both exploded like fireworks—the pieces morphed, becoming pink sunflowers. Much to my surprise, they enlarged until each flower was forty feet high. They faded. A sandstorm swept across a desert, toward many stovepipe cacti. All the cacti moved away from me. Soon they got bigger until they were six thousand feet high. When they were several hundred yards farther away, they changed into different shapes, hazy skyscrapers. All around them, a desert went out of focus.

    The skyscrapers and desert disappeared—were replaced by several six-foot tall orange humanoids, all of their faces cast in shadows. I looked closer, noticing they didn’t have any eyes, just empty eye sockets. Without warning, the alien’s deep-set eye sockets, a charcoal gray, changed into a different color, indigo. As I watched in amazement, their bodies began morphing, turning into humanoid shapes covered by small oval facets. Soon the beings, entities surrounded by fog, lightened until they blended in with the background.



    The adventures of Darius and his friends, inhabitants of another universe.

    Darius and his friends, occupants aboard an alien space ship, one these cloned humans landed on when they were infants, are headed for Iomin, the Wiisd’s home world.

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