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Bloodline: The Samsara Chronicles 10

Written By: Gabriella Bradley, Diana Kemp
Series: The Samsara Chronicles #10
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

This series is also available combined into 2 volumes, The Samsara Chronicles book 1 and The Samsara Chronicles bo...

It is time…

Unobserved, he had taken his flyer and defied royal edict by traveling to the ruins. At first the castle seemed reluctant to admit him until he stepped inside and spoke. “It is I, Shakan, the son of the Many. I have come to do your bidding.”

Something unseen in the total darkness pressed against him, sniffed him and fluttered off to the sound of a keening wind. Attracted by a distant booming that reverberated through the stone floor, his attention was drawn to a heavy wooden door. The torchlight flickered like the eyes of a nocturnal animal, luring him toward a tiny glowing point embedded in the wood. And now…

More alone than he ever had been, the light abruptly stopped and hovered a short distance before him. He sensed rather than saw the catacomb beyond and carefully moved away from the stairs. As he was almost close enough to touch the eerie light, the walls began to tremble. Startled by the rumbling that shook the floor, he was about to turn back when something akin to a monstrous hand swatted his feet from beneath him. He collapsed to his knees, at the same time the light extinguished and he felt the pressure of hands around his neck.

Suddenly he emitted a bloodcurdling howl and violently threw his head back. His eyes rolled until only the whites showed, his lips uttering meaningless words. Though his body trembled, it was not from the cold. The muttering became a muffled scream until he abruptly silenced and his head dropped limply to his chest. His eyelids fluttered, closed, then half opened to regard the torch-lit main hall of the castle. No longer ruins, the fortress walls housed a bazaar attended by every tribe on Nirvana. Faces resembling his own mingled with the crowd, their finery a dazzling display of colors and fabrics set off with magnificent jewelry. Dark, fiery eyes turned toward him, voices became distinct, surfacing from the buzz of conversation and chorused in his mind.

Shakan, the time of reckoning is near. Will you fully embrace the mindflux as befitting the favored son?

A searing bolt of pain penetrated his skull. He gasped and dug his fingernails in his palms to offset the pain of the psychic assault. Mustering every reserve of willpower, he forced himself to keep a steady gaze on the apparition. Noble Janvhar, I have come as you instructed. I am your willing servant.

This series is also available combined into 2 volumes, The Samsara Chronicles book 1 and The Samsara Chronicles book 2.
Intrigue and betrayal plague both Nirvana and Klatria, prompting Aislinn to call a tribunal of all Nirvanan nations to address the crisis. 
While Vark, Soulmaster and corrupt ruler of Klatria, plots with the Nirvanan traitor to acquire the skull and kill the royals, insurrection grows from within the ranks of his own people. His intention to use Aislinn’s parents  as pawns to lure Aislinn to Klatria conceals his true intentions to destroy them all.
Price: $1.00

Written By: M. Garnet
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

Think of a world where vampires—in ancient time called vampyres—and humans lived side by side and help...

He was a king and his name was Myst but his age was unknown. His thoughts are about what happens in a world where the vampyres and humans develop side by side, aware of the existence of both races. He thinks about the natives on the plains in Africa as they look around to see who was near them at night? The Neanderthal hesitates before entering a cave, not fearing a bear, but stepping aside for the two-legged male with fangs? Then the quiet, slowly developing villages of humans find ways to survive and pay the price of living next to a physically stronger race that desires their blood? Of course they did, think what good protection from raiding rogues. The surprise for a helpless village that now had protectors, tall and strong and bloodthirsty.

He also knows the world will change. There will come a time when the two breeds can no longer live side by side. They will battle each other and there will be war to eliminate one or the other.

Wars are what evil thrives upon and can encourage humans to participate in it, no matter who they fight. There will be a time when evil can encourage the fight against the breed known as vampyre.

Eventually there will be wars, large and small, just among the humans. Evil can thrive and grow within the humans as they seem to have a touch of evil within. Yet he is amazed at how many resist and turn their faces away from the lures of what is held out to bring them down.

He has seen the past, resides in the now, and knows the future. It is so lonely for one as beautiful and by oneself to fight these battles. Why had there not been others to come and chase the evil and why was he part of the strange and not the plentiful human breed?

He knew, it was the greater strength, the longer life and the unusual abilities that were part of the fanged breed. He would push on and the next time the full evil reared its head he would do his duty for that greater being that put him here.


* * * *


Deep in the heavy woods of northern Europe, where the nights are long and the trees hide the sun, there were scattered small settlements among the shadows. The few places that the sun penetrated produced surprising gardens from the rich soil. The rocky streams were full of fish. Wildlife was so available that there were not a lot of domesticated animals. There were a couple of families that had pigs and small goats. This far north, cows were too expensive to feed, as there were no large grazing fields.

There were always humans before this time and there were vampyres and among both there was evil. Evil was a presence that seemed to be the balance between whatever God individuals believed in and the sins that were there in the world.


Think of a world where vampires—in ancient time called vampyres—and humans lived side by side and helped each other and what good they could do for each as they protected both bloodlines.
Think about our history and it was a very long time ago in the European area that had not been divided into anything but small villages. Not many farm animals and not much produce, but an area that supported hardworking individuals.

Individuals that learned to live together to protect each other from hard times and invaders. This was an area where humans and vampyres lived together, helping each other to survive and keep each other safe.

It would seem that life had settled down with humans that volunteer blood to the vampyres and the vampyres with their greater strength and senses in the dark could protect the humans. But there is always something to interrupt things that are moving too smoothly.

Like one female who is of a different color, red hair, that all the males, both human and vampyres, desire. Then there is always evil who can call to the most beautiful male the gods put on earth to confront what depraved men can call from below.
Price: $4.99